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Grupo Zygote LP now in shops

The Grupo Zygote LP on Black Acre Records has dropped on vinyl after a slight delay. You can find it at Boomkat and other retailers.

Above is a little free download of a track that didn’t make the album, it just didnt fit with the rest of the material..

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HAZE / MAZE Vinyl EP now out!

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Doctor Zygote ‘Influences’ DJ Mix Free Download

These are all just some records that I like so I put them together. I guess if you listen to the Grupo Zygote LP things will jump out as direct influences, others are more subtle. There are some library and similar ones in the first section, I love how these records were recorded, they sound raw. Then some jazz records that are special to me, some a little eastern sounding, which is how I like them. Then a mish mash of mainly R&B in different forms. Its mad, even 3 years ago I wouldn’t have been open to buying R&B or Rock & Roll 45s in the slightest. I guess I’ve become a lot more open minded. In the last section there is music from the Islands, a little dub and some eastern sounding instrumental ska/jazz. I love this stuff. I ended up finishing off with a couple of old hardcore records. These may stick out in some ways but they make perfect sense to me. They’re dark, and this music was one of my first loves.
I left out hip hop on purpose, it kind of goes without saying that that is probably my biggest influence. Love of all these genres stems from a love of hip hop and digging.


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Free Download off the Grupo Zygote LP on XLR8R



The good people at XLR8R have posted ‘Beirut Dub’ off the forthcoming Grupo Zygote LP as a free download. Click the image above to download!

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Doctor Zygote ‘Grupo Zygote’ LP set to drop September 2nd!

The good folks at Black Acre are putting this out…

Check the first track leak here, and a nice little interview over at Sonic Router.

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Covers for the Doctor Zygote Combination EP are materialising

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photo (1)

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New STRANGE U Free download at the Eglo Bandcamp!


Our compatriots STRANGE U are performing live at the Jazz Cafe on the 2nd of June as part of the Eglo Records 4th Birthday Party. They’ve dropped a free track in commemoration. Head over to the Eglo Bandcamp┬áto grab that.

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Zoot enjoyed meeting and seeing the work of Rob Lowe / Supermundane the other day at the open studios in Havelock Walk, Forest Hill. This guy has some nice art, check him out.

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