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Now Easy Video debuts over at Boiler Room

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New Maghreban EP Preview and Pre Order on Versatile

The Wonder Woman EP is forthcoming in June on Versatile Records, check the preveiws and pre order the 12″

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Maghreban Represses


We repressed the Afric 12″ and the MT70 EP, with different label art. Also the Maghreban repressed Green Apple, this time with a printed label. These are all available through Kudos and the Zoot Shop.

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The Maghreban Sonic Router / Electronic Explorations Interview and Mix

The Maghreban comes out of the darkness to shed some light on his background, over at Sonic Router.

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The Maghreban MT70 EP

A fan of limitations, The Maghreban took multi samples from his Casio MT-70 keyboard and used only them to make this EP whilst on holiday in North Wales last year.
Most of the tracks were made whilst staying at Portmeirion, the strange resort where “The Prisoner” was filmed in the late 60s. The Maghreban is a fan.

This is out now. Due to a pressing mess up this is initially limited to 150 copies, stamped vinyl in nice sleeves.

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Maghreban ‘Smack’ EP drops on Versatile Records Paris

Check it out below, its available to buy from most decent shops and from Versatile direct. Big up to Gilb’R and Ygal for all their help pushing this. Hold tight for the next release!

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Strange U EP #2040 Free Download and Limited Vinyl EP Out Now!

Strange U EP #2040

Free Download and Limited Stamped 180g Vinyl EP

Apologies if you already know about this, we just want to make sure EVERYONE knows that our latest EP is out now for FREE DOWNLOAD.

Also for those of you who prefer something more tangible and collectable, there is a limited (200 copies) hand stamped 180g vinyl edition of the EP also up for pre order now, shipping in 1 week’s time. These are selling fast so please head to the Strange U Shop to cop one..

There is more to come, another video dropping soon, but check out The Cake is A Lie in the interim.


Strange U – King Kashmere IV & Dr Zygote

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